FCMB Cardless Withdrawal: Withdraw Money from ATM Without Card 2024

FCMB Cardless Withdrawal:

fcmb cardless withdrawal

Ever been in a situation where you need to withdraw money from an ATM only to realize your card is nowhere to be found?

Maybe you misplaced it or forgot it at home.

In a situation like this accessing your funds can be a real hassle.

Now, imagine a world where getting your hands on your money doesn’t rely on having a physical card or being limited by when the bank is open. 

Enter FCMB Cardless Withdrawal – a straightforward solution built for simplicity. 

Whether you’re in a hurry, can’t find your card, or just want an easier way, FCMB has transformed the way you handle your cash.

In this post, we’ll explore the straightforward steps and the added convenience of FCMB’s cardless withdrawal. 

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From the FCMB cardless withdrawal code to understanding withdrawal limits, we’ve got you covered. 

in other words, here are some of what you’ll discover in this post:

  • FCMB cardless withdrawals
  • FCMB cardless withdrawal code
  • FCMB cardless withdrawal limit
  • How to use FCMB cardless withdrawal
  • How to do cardless withdrawal FCMB

So, let’s dive in and discover how to use Access cardless withdrawal, making your financial moves smoother and more accessible than ever.

Why Use FCMB Cardless Withdrawal

Here are some reasons why knowing how to do Access cardless withdrawal can be handy.

  • Access your funds without the need for a physical ATM card.
  • Ideal solution when you forget or misplace your card.
  • Withdraw cash anytime, breaking free from traditional banking hours.
  • Unique codes and authentication measures for secure transactions.
  • Retrieve cash from any FCMB ATM, adding to overall convenience.

Now that you know the benefit, let’s go ahead to see…

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How to do FCMB Cardless Withdrawal

Here is how to do cardless withdrawals using the FCMB online account.

  • Sign in to your FCMBOnline account.
  • Click on ‘Cardless Cash’ and select the ‘Cardless’ option.
  • Complete the required information in the provided tabs.
  • Click on ‘Generate Paycode Token’ to create a unique token for your transaction.
  • Head to any ATM stand. (It doesn’t have to be FCMB ATM only)
  • At the ATM, press ‘Enter’ and choose the ‘Paycode Cashout Option.’
  • Enter the 8-14 digit withdrawal code you received.
  • Input the 4-digit Cash-Out PIN you created during the process.
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw and submit the transaction.

If successful the ATM will dispense your cash immediately.

There you have the simple steps to do FCMB Cardless Withdrawal.

You need to note that some ATMs do use the word cardless withdrawal but they use PayCode. Select the pay code and proceed with your transaction.

Note: FCMB has introduced a biometric-enabled ATM withdrawal feature. This means that as a customer of FCMB, you now have the option to use your fingerprint for withdrawals.

Here is how to use this method.

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How To Make Cardless Withdrawal Using Biometric

Here is how to do FCMB cardless withdarawal with biometrics:

  • Locate an FCMB ATM that supports biometric withdrawal.
  • On the ATM screen, choose the “Biometric” option.
  • Follow on-screen instructions to place your registered fingerprint for verification.
  • Input the desired withdrawal amount.
  • Confirm transaction details and proceed.
  • Once approved, the ATM will dispense your money.

It’s as easy as the above steps.

In case you’re wondering…

What is the cardless code for FCMB?

This works for payment using POS terminals.

When making payments for goods or services, the cashier chooses “Pay with USSD” on the POS. The cashier enters the amount on the POS terminal, generating a 4-digit Reference Code displayed on the terminal. To complete the transaction, dial *329*000*refcode# on your mobile phone, and authenticate it by entering your *329# transaction PIN.

Now let me give you some tips to make the process as hassle-free as possible.

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Tips for FCMB Cardless Withdrawal

  • Ensure you have internet banking activated for your FCMB account.
  • Double-check entered amounts and PINs for accuracy during the transaction.
  • Keep the received transaction code confidential and easily accessible.
  • Use a secure internet connection if using the mobile app for withdrawal.
  • Verify the ATM’s cardless transaction option is available before initiating.
  • In case of a biometric withdrawal, ensure your fingerprint is correctly registered with the bank.
  • Keep an eye on the expiration time of the transaction code.
  • If issues arise, contact FCMB customer support promptly for assistance.

Please note that with FCMB Cardless Withdrawal there is a withdrawal charge of N100 per transaction and you cannot withdraw more than N20,000 at once.

There you have tips to help you withdraw money from FCMB without using an ATM card.

With that, you have everything there is to know about FCMB Cardless Withdrawal.

But if you still have any other questions, then check the FAQs below.

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FCMB Cardless Withdrawal FAQs

What is FCMB Cardless Withdrawal?

It’s a service allowing cash withdrawal from ATMs without a physical card, providing flexibility and convenience.

Is there a limit to the amount I can withdraw through Cardless Withdrawal?

Yes, there are withdrawal limits for cardless transactions.

Can I use Cardless Withdrawal if my phone number is not linked to my FCMB account?

No, it’s essential to have your mobile number linked to your account for security and transaction authentication. Ensure your contact details are up-to-date with the bank.

Are there any charges associated with Cardless Withdrawal transactions?

Yes, FCMB may apply transaction fees for cardless withdrawals. 

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FastNuggets on FCMB Cardless Withdrawal

Now, armed with the knowledge of FCMB cardless withdrawal, you can simplify your financial transactions and embrace the freedom it offers.

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